Dialysis becomes closer

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Dialysis Center is a highly specialized program which provides facilities for the treatment of patients with irreversible renal insufficiencies.

Treatment procedures require professional supervision by staff experienced in renal pathophysiology.

The Dialysis Center may serve either or both inpatients and outpatients, depending upon the medical facility type, and may provide self-dialysis training for Peritoneal Dialysis in addition to on-site assisted dialysis, i.e., Hemodialysis.

Outpatient Hemodialysis Center is a medical facility aimed at providing specialized high-tech medical care to patients with acute stage of Chronic Kidney Failure.

Specialists of the center provide the following services:

  • outpatient care and observation of the patient to the pre-dialysis stage;
  • hemodialysis;
  • outpatient care and observation of the patient on hemodialysis;
  • provision of medical treatment;
  • providing laboratory and instrumental examination of patients receiving hemodialysis;
  • provision of advice to patients with end-stage renal failure.

Implementation of hemodialysis is the main functional objective of the Dialysis Center.

Company MT Pharma s.r.o. brings unique technology for operation of stand alone dialysis center. Slovak – Russian technology developed in line with newest trends of more accessible specialized medical treatments to patients without necessity to travel to general hospitals.

We do provide turn key solution services including the specialized training for operation of dialysis center.