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Together with our partners and suppliers we, MT Pharma s.r.o., provide scientifically proved and business profitable solutions in support of facilitating better care for CKD on your territory through the establishment of an advanced dialysis center network in your area or region and its full operational support.
Regional and social impact of a high-tech Dialysis Center includes following measures:

  • Development of a CKD specialized health center
  • Protect and optimize governmental funds invested in healthcare
  • Secure accessibility of healthcare services to a targeted group of patients
  • Actively support health initiative to prolong life of patient
  • Provide accessibility of healthcare services for CKD patients in critical areas of country – rural areas with high % of CKD patient
  • Create new employment for doctors & nurses
  • Join CKD centers with educational programs of MOH and build up awareness of disease

By delivering better care, we are able to meet the growing demand of CKD patients in your area and worldwide.  Through the proposed facility, that will sit either as a standalone unit or as a BT-solution, we will address quality and dedicated care, increased access and specialized high-tech equipment for patients with acute stage of Chronic Kidney Failure.

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