Social Responsibility

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MT Pharma brings in joint cooperation with its partners around  the world advanced solutions to support health initiative and actively contribute to:

  • Development of specialized health center focused on main disease – CKD
  • Protect and optimize governmental funds invested in healthcare
  • Provide financing for MOH & Government
  • Secure accessibility of healthcare services to targeted group of patients
  • Actively support health initiative to prolong life of patient
  • Enable MOH & Government to build up efficient and accessible network of CKD centers
  • Provide accessibility of healthcare services for CKD patients in critical areas of country – rural areas with high % of CKD patient
  • Create new employment for doctors & nurses
  • join CKD centers with educational programs of MOH and build up awareness of disease

We support human’s life with Outpatient Hemodialysis Center which is a medical facility aimed at providing specialized high-tech medical care to patients with acute stage of Chronic Kidney Failure.

Specialists of the center provide the following services:

  • outpatient care and observation of the patient to the pre-dialysis stage;
  • hemodialysis;
  • outpatient care and observation of the patient on hemodialysis;
  • provision of medical treatment;
  • providing laboratory and instrumental examination of patients receiving hemodialysis;
  • provision of advice to patients with end-stage renal failure.

Implementation of hemodialysis is the main functional objective of the Dialysis Center.